Underground Wobble

You have cooperated with a lot of french dubacts in the past. Results were projects called „Highvisators“ (with Improvisators Dub), „Zentone“ (with Zenzile), „Kaltone“ (with Kaly), just to name a few. Are these cooperations an expression for a french dub scene that is in frequent contact and maybe even connected in friendship?

DJ Twelve: Ten years ago we discovered that other bands were like us, they played Live Dub Music, so there was a major "common point" between us. So, we met each other over few years on different gigs and in different places! One day we decided to do the first meeting with Kaly Live Dub, because we lived in the same town called Lyon. So it was more easy to see each other. First we became friends, partied together... The result was "Kaltone - Kaly meets High Tone". We were so happy that we decide to do the same with other friends and it was the beginning of a good series, that helped us to know more about each other and appreciate different ways to make music, drink a beer, smoke cigars......So we stay connected and are happy when we see all of them.

Your new album „Underground Wobble“ is presenting a variety of sounds and styles again. This mix seems to be characteristic for your music and for a lot of other french bands working in this field. Is this a typical french approach to music from you point of view?

DJ Twelve: Since the beginning, we used a lot of samples by the dj's vinyl , there was no sampler, but vinyl allows you to take a lot of colors from all around the world. This was a particularity for us, but not specialy for the other bands, who played with classical formation (bass, drum & guitar). Now, it's a well know thing to do this kind of music with a variety of sounds and styles, everywhere not especially in France.

You are using a lot of samples in your tunes. Where do you collect them from?

DJ Twelve: Like I said before, the vinyl is one of the principal sources of sound, soundtrack, ethnique music, Hip Hop scratching, Jazz or Reggae, everything that sounds good for us. And after you have dialogue taken from differents movies, it's an inexhaustible source of creation.

Your guitar sound got a bit rougher than on older releases. Is this a trend in dubmusic of today – thinking of you and maybe even Dub Trio from the USA?

DJ Twelve: I don't know if it's a trend, it's just the feeling of the guitarplayer at the moment, and I don't really know Dub Trio. I should listen to them now on myspace and return to this question......
(10 minutes later)... Their guitars are really rough. I don't know the history of Dub Trio.

Is there any particular reason that you only played a few gigs in Germany? As we have seen in Berlin there are a lot of people who really enjoy your music! How did you like the concert from an artists point of view?

DJ Twelve: The concert in Berlin was great, people seem to be very happy and us too. We played in Germany 3 years ago and people didn't know us, it wasn't a success. We played maybe 5 or 6 times in Germany, because it's hard when you have no distribution or big promotion, and I think “Raw Tempel“ (3.12.) was the best concert of all. The day after Berlin we played in Dresden at “Puschkin Club““ and it wasn't so cool. There were not too many people there. So we have a lot of work to do in Germany. That's why we bring out our new record “Underground Wobble“ in Germany in March 2009.

Will it, again, take 4 years to see you back in Germany?

DJ Twelve: Good news, only 3 months!!!!

Interview & Foto: Thomas Dalichow (12/2008)


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