Peter Lloyd
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Where were you born/raised?

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica between Park, Red Hills Road and Whitehall Avenue.

Where do you live now in Jamaica?

I currently reside both in Kingston and Montego Bay.

Which artists would you consider as musical mentors for yourself?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music.  My father owned a club on Red Hills Road and so he played every kind of popular music.  These artistes inspired me from childhood for different reasons. Some for their talent, passionate delivery, live performance, determination, focus and some instances their rebellion spirit and never give up attitude. But they all did music from the soul, real music that made you stand up, listen, relax and flow. Dennis Brown, The Original Wailers Band, Bob Marley, Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh, Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, Beres Hammond, Maxi Priest, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Alton Ellis and Lee Scratch Perry.

How do you come up with lyrics? Is it something that you really have to sit down and concentrate or do they “fly” into your mind?  

Both, sometimes the riddim speaks to me and the lyrics just flow, often times in seconds, then there are moments when there is a flood of ideas so I need time to structure them. There are even times when, while sleeping the lyrics and melody comes in a dreamlike state, WAKE DEM UP was created like that. The truth is JAH writes the lyrics and I just happen to be a vessel. I love the writing process and I normally write the hook or chorus first then build the verses around the hook.

There are critics pointing out, that most of the better crafted rddims don't come from Jamaica anymore. They are made in the United Kingdom, France and even Germany for example. Do you agree with this? And if yes, what is the reason for that?

The music has grown beyond the geographical constraints of Jamaica, so great music is being produced from all over the world, but the mission of great music is to expand beyond its origins, to grow and flourish. Jamaica still produces great riddims in pockets, but now that is also happening elsewhere. I see this grow as inevitable, fulfilling the mission of the elders. Let great Reggae music in its different forms come from all over the world. The music was never only for us. It's music to heal the world.

You have produced most of the music on your album “Stories From I Fathers Country” yourself. Can producing be regarded as important to you as singing?

Yes, I love singing and performing, but I always wanted the pleasure of writing and producing other artist. I had the privilege of writing for the legendary Gregory Isaacs' single called Mr. Sweetness and producing Lady Saw (Pose ), but I am multi faceted as an artist. I love producing, It creates a sense of continuity, a feeling akin to being a parent, but as a producer I have a long way to go before I become a great producer. It has helped me to improved as a singer also, singing and producing creates a health balance of passion and practicality. Music is made not just for me, the singer but for the world.

You have performed in Europe. Where do you see the main differences in the crowds watching your show and dancing to your music here compared to Jamaica?

Interesting question; live performance for me is the best and most fun part of what I do as an artiste,  It's like great sex. That connection u get is intoxicating and the audience feeds off your excitement. The differences are, in my opinion, minimal. People want great delivery, energy, entertainment, passion. They want you to bare your soul but always lead them. They want you to be who you really are and they want your vocal deliver to sound as good or better than your recording. However, the audiences here are more patient, wanting to hear the content and are willing to listen to new material more readily. At home, they want it short, powerful and highly entertaining. Ultimately both audiences want to have a great time and to connect with you the artist in a real way.

Are there any projects in the pipeline right now that keep you busy? What is to be expected next?

I'm currently recording the next album and also working with several top Jamaica and European producers on various solo projects. I still star in Jamaica's number one soap drama: THE BLACKBURNS, and management is currently booking my first major European tour in support of the newly released album STORIES FROM I FATHERS' COUNTRY. We are also shooting a new music video for a single and I'm trying to find time to write a play, I recently was involved in producing a critically acclaimed and award winning play in Jamaica ( Against His Will ), so if I can find the time, I'll be trying to add playwright n play director. I also have a project call YUTE RISE, which I will be expanding, that targets pre teens and teens, encouraging them to believe in their own ability to achieve in a positive way. Above all I want to keep serving JAH and spend time with my daughters, who mean everything to me.

Interview: Karsten Frehe (05/2011)