Giotto, Hi Enz, Governess Chalice, Catitah Steppah u.a., Panke, Berlin, 20.1.17

Rebel Vibes: erste Session in 2017!

Selektor Bony lädt  am 20. Januar zum ersten Rebel Vibes Dance des Jahres in der Panke und das Line-Up lässt sich definitv sehen!

Rebel Vibes wants to start the year by coming together in a nice and easy way hoping to see you all at Panke on 20th of January 2017.

Some of us maybe had some crazy new year parties, a relaxed time with friends and family or even were out of town for a real winter break. Now, back in Berlin, it´s time to say hello to everybody, the dance goes on and we are looking into a year which definitely holds several surprises music and DUBwise!

On Friday 20th of january you are welcome to share good vibes as always! Different Berlin based DJ´s and selectors with dub, roots and stepper tunes will make you dance and feel good!

Mit von der Partie sind:

  • Giotto (Braintheft/Bassfuck)
  • Hi Enz (Impulse Berlin / Low Class Soundsystem)
  • Governess Chalice
  • Catitah Stepah (Serendubity)
  • NG Selecta (Rebel Vibes)
  • Selektor Bony (Rebel Vibes)
  • Ollie Moore



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