Sparky Riot “Remixed” (Sparky Riot)

sparky riot

Sparky Riot
(Sparky Riot 2013)

This Remix EP is worth to check out. Beside the great Remix from Raggattack you find remixes from Vibronics, 6Blocc, Helgeland 8bit and many more…

Born at the end of the year 2012, Sparky Riot is built around the common love of the vocalist Daman and the producer4bstr4ck3r for the Dub music.
Blending influences such as early dancehall, dubstep, or even traditional musics, combining libertarian lyrics and sparky vibes, the duo mixes the genres and aims to make you dance, with a smile on your face and a bright consciousness in your mind.



About toppa

King Toppa - Digital Dub Producer and Musician. i started my music with the irie ites soundsystem in the 90ies going on to produce dub and digital dancehall roots. I am part of the irie ites music label