Irie Ites Soundsystem

1999 Toppa and Razor established first ragga shows in a small club called querbeat. ASHA was joining the system and In 2001 the first IRIE ITES regular soundsystem party took place isoundn SPOT Kassel. The original steady members of the system were Toppa, Asha, Razor and Paco D from Gambia. They were the ones who established these parties in Kassel and touring together through germany. They are on the way with various Singers and Deejays all over Germany and Switzerland. Since 2004 it is TOPPA and ASHA and the MC BABAMESSAGE who represent the soundsystem with dubplates from jamaica and the original IRIE ITES Reggae Stylee. Geasy, Coltjah and Fungi joined the sound in 2007 until it became calm about Irie Ites Sound for some time. In 2011/12 Sensi I and Don Mykal joined the sound and due to the Roots Department party series the Kassel reggae movement gathered new power and vitality. These attemps where crowned by the setup of the original IrieItes Soundsystem Stack in late 2013.

In 2015 the Roots Department era came to an end due to the closing of our beloved venue “Haus”. In order to start a new party series Irie Ites teamed up with our Bredren from young and upcoming Soundsystem Roots Descendents. The new “child” is called Subliftment and is doing very fine so far. Alternating Irie Ites or Roots Descendents plays the dance, each month one sound system. Beside that we invite other sound systems and singers on regular basis.

Irie Ites Soundsystem lgs. Roots Descendents Soundsystem  Subliftment

Irie Ites Stack 2016

Next to Subliftment Irie Ites Soundsystem plays on several outdoor parties and festivals each summer like Reggae Jam or Katzensprung Festival.

Current Members:

Sensi (MC/Selecta)
Babamessage (MC)
Toppa aka KTOPP (Selecta/Producer)
Rall-Fi (Selecta)
Dubios (Selecta/Producer)
Don Mykal (Selecta/Operator)
Katja (Support)
Mario (Support, Light Works)

For booking contact Selecta Sensi (

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