Roots Department Flyer for Collage

” InI invite to experience an evening of true roots & culture reggae in a classic UK style. Many selectas will be dropping riddims to ensure a proper iration fi di bredrin & sistren. Strictly concious lyrics and messages of upliftment as well as sufferation fi ya soul & mind. Expect roots & dubwise.” – that was what I wrote back in 2012 on the first flyer. And it pretty much stayed what I intended it to be!

The ROOTS DEPARTMENT party series takes place in a well hidden and underground place in our hometown Kassel, Germany. We choose the place because of its DIY character and the many possibilities it could grant us. Basically, the idea was to gather people with a love for conscious reggae music. I don´t think I have to explain the word “conscious” here – but let me say this: There is already enough madness and slackness out there, so we choose the opposite. The place is small but always filled with quality music & people. In November 2013 we finally obtained our own Soundsystem and even though we had many other events in the last decade – playing our own sound feels just like coming home. With the RD sessions we introduced the IrieItes Soundsystem to our fans and hope to make the next big step in promoting the DIY conscious reggae movement!

So, if you happen to be in Kassel drop us a line and give us a visit at the ROOTS DEPARTMENT and enjoy good vibes with the IrieItes Crew & friends – ALL TRIBES WELCOME!

Sensi I