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The amazing album “Musical Garden” (Soulbeats) came as a big surprise, especially for people living outside of France. LMK wasn’t known to a lot of reggaefans in Germany and elsewhere. But since “Musical Garden” has made a big impact, things have changed for sure. This february she will come to Berlin for her first show. So Irie Ites.de asked LMK some guestions to introduce her a little bit more….

Excuse the simple question for a start: what does LMK stand for?
LMK is simply the contraction in 3 letters of my name LAMARCA.

Your amazing album „Musical Garden“ really impressed a lot of german reggaefans and musicjournalists. Especially the blend of reggae, hip hop and a touch of dancehall is very crisp. Does this versatility have something to do with your diverse musical background?
Thank you very much! It’s a real honor to see that german people can be impressed by my album! Actually I listen to many kinds of music so I think that all of my influences are mixed together when I do my own music!

Are there artists that you would consider as mentors or big inspiration for you?
Of course there are so many! But if I have to choose, I will tell you Damian Marley and Etta James.

If you could pick one living or dead artist for a combination tune, who would it be?
Good question! It definetly would be Amy Winehouse, I simply love her voice and I would love to hear her on a reggae tune.

It was quite a surprise for us to find the cooperation with Taggy Matcher on „I Say No“ among the tunes of your album, because he popped up on our radar not too long ago. How did this cooperation come about?
We started with a collaboration on the track “My Man”, 2 years ago for his album „Sing A Song“. We met in Lyon, the city we were both living in. It was a real pleasure to work with Taggy Matcher, musically and as a person too, he’s great, so I asked him to collaborate again but for my album this time.

Is there any new cooperation to expected in the near future?
Yes we are actually preparing an Dancehall EP that will come out in the spring. There will be big collabortations with singers and producers, but I can’t tell you more for the moment. Stay tuned!

„So Bad“ was produced by Dubmatix. You have also been performing live with him on stage. What do you like most about him as a producer/artist and his work?
First, Dubmatix is an amazing person,. We were on tour together this last summer for one month and it as a real pleasure! Secondly he is an amazing producer, he has several strings to his bow, he can do everything! Huge fan 😉

We have seen quite a few videos with you performing on stage. What do you like most about performing live?
I think that what I like the most about perfoming is the exchange with the crowd. Sometimes its harder to keep their attention but when you manage to keep them with you its simply amazing to see how people can give you energy and power.

Have you been touring outside of France often?
I have played in the Basque Country, Swiss and Belgium, for the moment not that much but I’m hoping it will be more and more often.

Can we expect to see you a bit more in Germany in the future?
I hope so! This upcoming gig in Berlin is my first time in Germany, but not the last!

Are there any new projects in the pipeline right now?
Yes, like I said to you before we are going to drop an EP this spring, it will be a dancehall EP. And I’m starting to work on my second album too.

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