Illbilly Hitec feat. Longfingah & Kinetical “Way Up” – Video!

Illbilly Hitec feat. Longfingah & Kinetical “Way Up”

Check the brand new video to the song “Way Up” by Illbilly Hitec feat. Longfingah and Kinetical, which was filmed and recorded during a live session at UFO sound studios in Berlin (Camera: Javier Blanco Chiocchio, Lights: Diego Sapienza, Sound: Fabian G. Knof). The studioversion of the tune can be found on “One Thing Leads To Another”, the third album by Illbilly Hitec released on Echo Beach.

Für deutschsprachige Leser/innen gibt es hier ein Interview mit Alex, dem Kopf von Illbilly Hitec.

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