Global Reggae Charts – Issue #11

Global Reggae Charts – March 2018

And here it is: Issue #11 of the Global Reggae Charts. Featured artist is Micah Shemaiah this time. You will get some background on one voter as well: Philipp Kause, who is a crewmember of as well, is talking about his radioshow in Nürnberg. Next to that the second part of a feature looks at “Reggae Careers in the Internet Age”. But most important are the Top 20 (singles) & Top 20 (albums) presented in the actual edition of the magazine. Sly and Robbie meet Dubmatix “Overdubbed” is now on the pole position of the albumcharts! Check the interview with Dubmatix on the making of and backgrounds of the album here at

Check HERE for the actual Global Reggae Charts monthly magazine!


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