Dr Rubberfunk “My Life At 45” (Jalapeno Records)

Dr Rubberfunk
“My Life At 45”
(Jalapeno Records – 2020)

Being greeted with a big and swampy piece of blues reminiscent of early sixties NOLA party music (“Boom!“) is not at all what I did expect when opening up the file containing Dr Rubberfunk´s new record „My Life At 45“. But the first songs I am listening to in mp3 format are ignoring my computer age ways and keep on pretending it´s 1964. It´s a shame the provided info text (for reviewers) is all business talk and disrupting my nostalgic fantasies. Do you really want to read about a homepage (bandcamp) supporting the artist´s efforts? I was just about to get drunk to fantastic music!

OK, later on, as the “record“ keeps on playing on my computer, more and more sample based music with drummachines and computer stuff is woven into the listening experience. Still, it´s keeping me in retro-mode, now oozing out early club music vibe, reminiscent of early 90ies tracks made on akai samplers. OK, time for weed then?

Nope, the Nu-Jazz thing is coming ´round the corner (“A Little Blahzay“) and making me feel pleasantly at home with a cup of tea and healthy vegetables. Later, as the window is signalizing the last tracks are being played, moody soul and kitschy downbeat is what the artist wants me to hear. Congratulations to this entertainig mess, Dr Rubberfunk!

David Nesselhauf

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