TVS meets Uly E. Neuens & Hornsman Coyote – Pax/Peace!

New Irie Ites Music tracks!

TVS meets Uly E. Neuens feat. Speng Bond – Pax

TVS meets Hornsman Coyote – Peace

„Is it the cutting edge of reggae or the bleeding edge of opera? Is it laying the groundwork for the first dub/reggae opera? Many possibilities here. This is truly a novel combination! Combining Gregorian chant in an opera style with dubreggae vibes. Very VERY original!“ Terry C., WLUW-FM (Chicago, USA)

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Riddim, 05/12

Niendorfer Wochenblatt, 23. August 2012

TVS “Lovin’ Peace” (Digital EP on Perkussion & Elektronik/Time Tools Recordings) coming August 10th!


Pax – extended version feat. Uly E. Neuens, Speng Bond, Hornsman Coyote and Idren Natural
Pax Dub – Blunt Command Remix
Shine your Lite – feat. Idren Natural
Woosha – feat. Jah Nubis


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