The Berlin Sessions 2 – OUT NOW!

Berlin Sessions

The Berlin Sessions

Aldubb, Dubmatix, Illbilly Hitec, Lengualerta & Longfingah

Brandnew limited 10 Inch on Irie Ites Music/One-Drop Music out now! Two heavy tunes and two dubmixes with an exceptional artwork by Gran OM.

All instruments and lyrics of “Essential” and “Pon Di Road” were played, written and recorded on july 24th, 2014, at Planet Earth Studios, Berlin (

A1. Essential
A2. Pon Di Road

B1. Essential (Düb Platoon Mix)
B2. Pon Di Dubb

Aldubb: drums (Pon Di Road), percussion, organ, recording engineer, mix & dub effects
Dubmatix: guitar, bass, organ, mix & dub effects
Illbilly Hitec: drums (Essential), percussion
Lengualerta: lyrics, vocals
Longfingah: lyrics, vocals

Additional mixes: „Pon Di Dubb“ by Aldubb  and „Essential (Düb Platoon Mix)“ by Dubmatix. Mastering by Aldubb.

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