"Unspecified" (adj. nicht einzeln angegeben, nicht spezifiziert) heißt das erste Album, das Paul St. Hilaire selbst produziert hat und auf seinem Label False Tuned veröffentlicht. Den meisten dürfte er bisher als Tikiman bekannt sein. Unter diesem Namen hat er wahre Klangperlen zusammen mit Rhythm & Sound produziert. Auf "Unspecified" lotet er Soul & Reggae auf der Basis des Dub in einer ähnlichen Richtung aus wie das Duo aus Berlin. Klangforschung passt als Bezeichnung bestens, wird hier doch mit einem Händchen für Feinheiten ans Werk gegangen. Sparsam aber eindringlich instrumentiert, bietet der Sound der wunderbaren Stimme von Paul St. Hilaire eine hervorragende Basis für seine Songs. Das Album besticht insgesamt sowohl durch seine Vielseitigkeit als auch durch eine rundum erzeugte Homogenität. Die Musik und die Lyrics stehen hier, ebenfalls wie bei Rhythm & Sound, für sich. Der Künstler bleibt ein Mysterium und gibt sich hier im Irie Ites-Interview getreu dem Motto "Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold" wortkarg.

You called your first self-produced album "Unspecified". If we take the name as being programmatic, then it is fairly loose and open. Did you intend to deliberately keep the stylistic characteristics of the music "unspecified"?

Yes. Said way. My philosophy is not to stick on one style but to be open to all good music. Of cause this refers for me personally to my Caribbean roots, and this means culture.

If you were asked to characterise the sound of the album, how would you describe it?

Good sound.

It struck me that the material on "Unspecified" has a lot in common with the stuff that Rhythm & Sound and others have produced with you. Would you agree?

None works alone in our world today, everything is intertwined, everybody is influenced by the things that surround them.

What do you appreciate most about the two heads of Rhythm & Sound?

The one head.

"Unspecified" has been released on your own label "False Tuned". Does the name have anything to do with the music on the album?

Everything is everything.

Your voice reminds me a little of Bim Sherman. And if you add the music, then I immediately start thinking of his "Miracle" album. Is he one of your heroes, and do you have any others?

Yes, Bim was a very nice man as there a many others.

Your music is far removed from the omnipresent bashment boom sound. Does a quieter, more experimental sound have greater appeal for you?

Well... experimenting is the foundation of good sound.

In Germany, the dub scene is relatively small compared to Britain. Why do you think this is so?

Reggea music is big everywhere and the media trying to deny that.

Currently, there's a real dancehall hype going on. If you were to look to the future: do you think there will be shift to dub and other reggae styles?

Never know come what may, me just a give JAH praise.

Does the future hold projects with other artists on "False Tuned"?


What productions are you currently working on?

A few singles and the second False Tuned CD. And of cause: my Dr.'s degree.

Interview: Karsten Frehe (09/03)
Foto: Frank Paul

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