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Live (ein)gespielter DUB ist vom Konzept her nichts Neues - man denke da zum Beispiel an etliche französische Projekte wie etwa Improvisators Dub. Neu ist hier allerdings die Tatsache, dass es sich "nur" um ein Trio handelt. Ganze drei Musiker - Stu Brooks, DP Holmes und Joe Tomino - sind hier am Werk und erzeugen einen schier unglaublich dichten Sound. Neu ist ebenso die Konsequenz, mit der eine nachträgliche Bearbeitung der Musik abgelehnt wird. Das Album "Exploring The Dangers Of" (ROIR) legt Zeugnis von der Musikalität der Band ab und macht auf jeden Fall lust auf mehr - und vor allem auf Liveauftritte im Land! 1/3 der Band, Joe Tomino, war so nett, ein paar Fragen per email zu beantworten.

The Sticker on your release “Exploring The Dangers Of” says: “Live Instrumental Dub recorded direct to tape in the studio”. This seems to be a completely different concept than the original Dub idea, where sounds were manipulated later on through technical devices. You have also included tracks on the album that were recorded live. What gave you the idea of approaching dub as a live concept?

All the sounds were manipulated in the studio (i.e, eq, effects), but a lot of the form and arrangement (w/some effects) were recorded live (mostly guitar and keyboards). We just sort of built a concept out of jamming on gigs for fun and dub was a foundation we all loved. It was more about, "how can we recreat this studio music we all love, in a live setting".

For a three-piece-band your sound is very rich. How do you mange to create this wall of sound?

We all play multiple instruments on stage and control effects and sounds. DP Holmes - guitar/keys, Stu Brooks - bass/keys, and Joe Tom - drums/melodica. Moreover, we all do live dubs of ourselves and each other on stage. So we all are really working hard to create all the sound.

There seem to be influences of Jazz, alternative Rock and other styles in your music. I can even hear similarities with Can. Is this due to the musical backgrounds of the Dub Trio-Members?

We are all into so much different music, such as Punk, Electronic, Contemporary Classical, Avent-Jazz, Hip-Hop and Dancehall.

What would you say are your musical influences, if there are any? Not necessarily Dub.

Some specific influences might include SEEFEEL, BAD BRAINS, REFUSED, MUSE, POLE, COLTRANE, LEXAUNCULPT, OVAL, WEBERN, LIGETI and of course KING TUBBY, SCIENTIST, MAD PROFESSOR and so many others...

In an earlier mail you have written, that “Dub Trio is making a lot of waves (great reviews in press and college radio play) over in the states“. Would you say that Dub in general is big (or getting bigger) in the US?

Not big at all really, but getting noticeably bigger. Just reggae music in general (especially dancehall's influence on pop music in the states). Jamaican culture in general.

You are working without any vocalists – not saying that this is important. Will this continue in the future or are there plans to include voices in your music?

Not really. Maybe have a guest artist on a track (if we find the right toaster, someone who understands dub or the use of space), or produce some tracks, but I think we'll keep it strictly stripped down dubwise for now. Maybe as a backing band if we find the right opportunity or artist.

A lot of people over here in Germany were devastated to find Bush back in charge after the election. What were your first thoughts after you heard that the man had been re-elected?

Lets move to Canada. We played some benefit shows that were pretty ANTI-BUSH. Really just trying to spread consciousness (political or spiritual) through our music is something that is pretty important to us.

What next projects have you got in the pipeline?

A new record. Produce some other artists records. Play as many shows as possible.

Are you planning on coming over to Europe for a few shows?

Yeah, for sure. I think people are digging the record overseas. It's just a matter of being able to finance a trip.

Interview: Karsten Frehe (01/2005)

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