SK Simeon feat. Dizzy Nuts “Run Tings” (King Toppa)

SK Simeon feat. Dizzy Nuts
“Run Tings” – Digital
(King Toppa – 2018)

After his first album, “Digidance”, produced and released with King Toppa in 2014, artist SK Simeon has now returned with a new album, “Ram Dance Don”, featuring collaborations with King Toppa, Naram and Unsoundbwoy. “Ram Dance Don” is heavily influenced by golden era jamaican dancehall of the late 1980s and ‘90s. The album references riddims like including Nerve Gas, Fever Pitch and Run Down The World, reimagined for 2017 in the form of new hits like “Live an Direk”, “Nakati ne Dodo” and, of course, “Ram Dance Don”. SK Simeon’s vocal delivery across the album blends the style of the old school deejaying with the contemporary sounds to create a style that is immediate, rough and up to date.
On the new record SK Simeon’s songwriting and delivery have matured, the album sees him exhibit a growing mastery over his craft and embracing the challenges of grappling with a wide range of issues as the source for lyrics that he connects with as an artist and person. On “Uganda Clean”, written whilst at home performing in 2015, he delivers a warning to his compatriots to take care of the streets and countryside of his native Uganda. “Finally Found” sees him take an introspective moment to pen a classic love song in which he embraces his softer side, crafting a tale straight from the heart. On “Kangarule”, SK Simeon reveals a more playful style, referencing his renowned energetic dance move that he developed to embrace his Australian side that has entertained crowds across Australia, Europe and Uganda. On “Here To Stay” SK Simeon comes correct telling, delivering hard hitting lines in a range of styles, showing his listeners and detractors alike that he is indeed here to stay.

Special Release with Bonus Track “Run Tings – Feat. Dizzy Nuts!

Two singles from the album, “Live an Direk” and “Ram Dance Don”, have been released in advance of the album release, immediately receiving massive airplay on Uganda television and radio stations. People have been asking for more tunes, so the album is dedicated to the people of Uganda, followers of the ‘90s sound and his fans that have been supporting him from the start.


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King Toppa - Digital Dub Producer and Musician. i started my music with the irie ites soundsystem in the 90ies going on to produce dub and digital dancehall roots. I am part of the irie ites music label