Guiding Star Orchestra “Natural Heights” (DubShot Records)

Guiding Star Orchestra
“Natural Heights” – Digital
(DubShot Records – 2019)

I have been waiting for this since the release of  “Upfull Melody” back in 2017 as I have been thoroughly impressed by the players of instruments on that 7”. The Guiding Star Orchestra is composed of musicians from the Copenhagen music scene, amongst them also Bremer/McCoy (more on them, soon!) on bass and piano.

In the wake of that release there were announcements of an album due to be released soon. Since then, the decision has been made to release this as a series of EPs rather than a full album. So here it is!

Natural Heights is a collection of 7 instrumental tunes, two of them followed by a Dub version. After listening to the EP for the first time, I was disappointed. I was expecting something more… “in my face”, something that comes close to Upfull Melody, starring those majestic horns.

Yet make no mistake: I love this EP to the fullest! My first impression of the release was simply biased. Some expectation of mine not met. This release doesn’t kick in the front door. It sneaks in through the backyard waiting for you on the couch to sneak its subtleties into your brain.

Upon hearing the tunes, you will realize: They are sounding warm and organic, they seem to just flow. Echoes and reverbs, of course, also contribute to the listening experience. It feels like somebody pressed the record button during a very productive jam-session. It’s that very distinct sound that is the result of a proper recording/mixing and musical craftsmanship that amazes me.

Unfortunately there is no vinyl release yet, only digital releases, but since I read the following lines in the promotional information, I’m sure there just needs to be a vinyl release (or a lossless digital release at least):

Natural Heights is offered in respect to the strong international roots and culture scene. It is their wish that the music can be used for soundsystem dances that focus on positive meditation.

Positive meditation and pure musical enjoyment, indeed!

Thomas Dalichow

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