Soundsystem Street Festival, Zgorzelec, 2021

Soundsystem Street Festival

It certainly came as a surprise while I was on vacation. Maken from Joint Venture Soundsystem pushed me a simple, short mail: “Do you want to be part of Soundsystem Street Festival Zgorzelec 2021?” Having great memories of the last time we went to Zgocelec in 2019, I was exited to let my fellow crew members know. It was quikly decided that we will postpone an event we had planned for that weekend and rally again with our big soundsystem – which was in lockdown for two years! I knew that Maken and his team are just ecxellent organisers and we did not need to discuss much. That last saturday put the cherry on top of an already awesome expierience two years ago! The athmosphere in the street with old & young celebrating, the burning afternoon sun, the other soundsystem crews happy to finally deliver some postive vibration, the flawless and easy organisation – all melted together to become most surely our best event in 2021! Special greetings also to Kosmos Mega Sound System & DJ Siwy that were playing on our Sound System and played a nice and diverse selection! Big Up! Big thanks goes to Maken and all his crew, the city government of Zgorzelec, the security & first aid people, neighbors, the many sound crews and of course all the happy people on the spot! See for yourself!

Sounds that attended: Dubseed Sound System, Joint Venture Sound System (Xiądz Maken I) ,Zion Train  (UK), Pandadread Sound System feat. MC Liper Skank Ranger feat. MC Polish Man, Rise Up! Sound System, Chińzka Ambasada, Irie Ites Soundsystem (DE), Kosmos Mega Sound System & DJ Siwy, Lion’s Den Soundsystem (DE) Dreadsquad Jah Love Soundsystem, Jabbadub.



Text: Sebastian aka. Sensi I

Photos by RallFi

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RALL-FI is an selector, lightman, promoter. He is part of IRIEITES-Germany and BASSMENT SESSION CREW in Frankfurt. Back in the days he started as a graffiti writer and hiphop DJ in 1997 in East Germany.