Cedric “Congo” Myton Interview

One of the most impressive shows at Reggaejam 2010 in Bersenbrück/Germany was the Inna Di Yard Allstars concert on Saturday night. Earl “Chinna” Smith and his bredren performed for thousands of reggaeheads surrounded by the big trees of the old Klostergarten. After the show we had the opportunity to meet Cedric Myton, head of the ledgendary “Congos” for a short interview. He was very jolly and told us something about his passion of playing music spreading the message of hapiness.

OLLI: Ok, first of all give thanks for this woderful show tonight. Nice to have you here,sharing this moment. How is your experience touring through Europe?

 CEDRIC MYTON: It`s great, it`s great, it`s great. And it`s good to be here in Germany. Yesterday we did the Garance Festival and today we do the Reggaejam! So, it`s all good! And it only can get better. So we looking for better. For tomorrow, you know.

OLLI: All right. After playing this music for all those years, what is your experience spreading this positive message?

 CEDRIC MYTON: Well, it`s hapiness! All the pleasent moments are all I see, in the athmosphere with the people, just joy and hapiness. It`s good to be happy and to be joyful! As the number one in the world today I think if we can do that every day, take away all the sadness! No more death! Cause if people happy, dem don`t have time to die! mh?! Stay forever young, right ?! Good!

OLLI: So, you played with all kind of different musicians…

CEDRIC MYTON: …all over the world! (laughing)

OLLI: …all over the world! (laughing) And you are the great ledgend, so, is there any musician you would like to play with in the future?

 CEDRIC MYTON: All! It`s all music, you know?! And generation, generation, people all over the world from whichever country, you know?! It`s good to unite and do collaboration or do work together, you know?! So it`s endless! You know?! It`s endless. Every day, it`s another chapter every day, you know?! It`s all good.

OLLI: Are you recording anything at the moment?

CEDRIC MYTON: Oh jaman! We`re doing a new album in the present moment, but, too, we have to come on tour! But, you know, I and my brother Ashanty Roy and Watty Burnett and the other crew, they went back, you know, for I have another engagement with Inna Di Yard for that`s another event came out of Jamaica right now. So I still work with the Congos as the Congos from the Congos, but you know Inna Di Yard is an initiative that came out of an allstar-movement, an exodus movement of JAH people! So, Inna Di Yard come like an exodus right now, you know, I ha fe big up Inna Di Yard! It`s good, good to be here Inna Di Yard, it`s good to be here one more time, Germany style. It´s good for the people and to unite the people with beautiful songs and beautiful message.

OLLI: So, give thanks for that!

CEDRIC MYTON: Great! Fantastic! It`s a pleasure!

Interview: Olli Becker (07/2010)

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