Guiding Star Orchestra “Upfull Melody” (Tribe 84 Records)

Guiding Star Orchestra
“Upfull Melody” / “Upfull Dub” – 7 inch
(Tribe 84 Records – 2017)

Tribe 84 Records strikes again with a beautiful Roots-Dub piece starring the staggering Guiding Star Orchestra from Copenhagen, Denmark. This strictly analogue recording has a rootical vibe, firmly grounded by a troding bassline and a broad horns-section not unsimilar to the iconic Jungle Signal by the DATC Dubcrew – the version to Mikey Dread’s Roots And Culture.

There are no lyrics on this record, only the musicians who let the their instruments do the talking. The trombone playing the first verse, for example, heavily reminds me of Rico Rodriguez himself. And as it’s always the case with Tribe 84 Records: You get a proper Dub version – deep meditation style! Tape delays, sprinkled echoes, a focus on the now even heavier bassline and organic percussions. What a vibe! This will very likely be a trigger for people to close their eyes in front of the soundsystem and just let themselves drown in waves of bass and echoes.

Make sure to grab yourselves a copy and wait for the Guiding Star Orchestra’s upcoming album, to be released in 2018. I’m looking forward to it already!

Thomas Dalichow

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