Bremer/McCoy / Endurance “Inner Divinity” (Livity Music)

Endurance / Bremer/McCoy
“Inner Divinity” 12 inch, Digital
(Livity Music, Sub-Label of Raske Plader 2018)

It was in 2018, when a friend of mine introduced me to Bremer/McCoy, an acoustic double-bass & keys duo from Copenhagen, Denmark who seem to, on first sight, be rooted in Jazz. Upon first hearing their albums “Ordet” and “Enhed” I was mesmerized. Sinking into my armchair, I was enjoying that ultimate feeling of relaxation brilliant music can give you. The keys, such as a Wurlitzer and other pianos, are played virtuously by Morten McCoy to a degree that let’s you enjoy sometimes even the placement or the touch of just a single note. Jonathan Bremer, on the other hand, grounds all this superbly with his bass-play that is rooted half-way between Dub and Jazz. Make sure to check out the last two videos at the bottom of this article. Bu let’s get down to “Inner Divinity”.

For this EP of five tracks, Bremer/McCoy teamed up with singer Endurance, who’s also the drummer on the Guiding Star Orchestra’s EP “Natural Heights”. It’s the first time I hear them together with a singer, so I was intrigued. Could this work? It works! Conscious lyrics sung beautifully on top of lovely instrumentals. Sometimes you even get a kind of dancehall vibe out of this combination which feels unexpected at first, yet totally convinces in it’s simplicity and groove.

There’s one little thing that bugs me, though: on some tunes (Righteousness, Inner Divinity), it seems like there’s clipping, meaning that the voice is louder than the recording level which leads to the signal being cut off. If this would have been my record, I would have reduced the volume of Endurance’s voice by, ~ 20% on the whole EP. Sometimes, the voice is just so much more powerful than those delicate instrumentals.

But that is really just a minor nuisance. You ears will, in any case, hear something that is unique, so let yourself get surprised by this beautiful record. Also make sure to check out the last two videos from Bremer/McCoy from their albums “Enhed” and “Ordet” and turn up your sub. Simply sublime.

Thomas Dalichow

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