Tropy Vibes feat. Lengualerta & DJ Sáeg and more, Panke, Berlin, 4.3.17

Lengualerta & DJ Sáeg, Paco Mendoza. Lucha Amada, Papo Yoplack & Selektor Bony, Panke, Berlin, 4. März 17

Tropy Vibes – party & live performance – unites latin culture in Berlin with the sounds of cumbia, latin beats, reggae, electro cumbia, tropikal bass and mash-ups, this time with LENGUALERTA & DJ Sáeg from Mexico, Paco Mendoza, Lucha Amada, Papo Yoplack and Selektor Bony!

Doors open at 22:30. Be there!

Mehr zu Lengualerta lest ihr hier im Irie Ites-Interview!



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