Screwed in Dub? lets talk about – with Ranking K .. (Mixtapes inside)


Ranking K (Cologne)

the first time i heard K,  i was attracted by the striking originality of his mixes.  I have to admit i first thought his eccentric boneshaking basslines with thier unusual distorted quality were out of control. I remember sitting excited with my mind and ears and all senses attentitive to the srewed down deep bass. Eventually in the end when i grasped his concept, i couldnt help but smile in delight at the ingenuity of his creations. K source of inspiration came from the streets of Nairobi far from the the usa and houston texas where dj screw was producing a similar sound by mainly screwing and chopping down hip hop. It was  interesting to hear how K applyed a similar wisdom on roots tracks. I loved it ;we loved it! so did they and so will you. the virus of “screwed” caught me so I couldnt resist to mix down some favoutites roots classic inna screwed style. Listen to ranking K Vol.1 & Vol.2 split Mixtape with toppa irieites on our Podcast and mixcloud.


IIP053 Ranking K meets Toppa IrieItes – Screwed in Dub Vol.1


also Ranking K – 5 Star Steppas Mix on


Interview with Ranking Ken:

tell us about your story in roots music? how did you start your business?

—> I lived in Kenya under a dictator and liked roots because it offered us hope. I begun mixing when I came to Germany because I missed the reggae mixes I had in Kenya.

-when did you finally get down to making your own mixtapes? how did you do it?

—> Initially I bought an old mixer, then slowly bought speakers… But I never could afford the Technics MK2 I so badly wanted. The urge to listen to mixes, did however force me to find alternatives.

-where can our readers and listeners of irieites magazine inform themselves about your music and dates?

– Tell me something about “Screwed” and what it has to do with your Mixtapes and influence

Screwed music was introduced to me rather unintentionally. I paid a DJ for a mix-tape off his gig in Kenya. When I went to his place to pick it, he refused to let me test it at his house. Upon getting home I eagerly inserted it into our Sanyo cassette-deck and sure enough it played me the newest latest music but it was all slowed down. Initially I was really angry, but I forced myself to listen to it all and 3-4 replays later, it was my favourite mix-tape.

Years later, say 1999, I got to hear DJ-Screw’s music and there has been no turning back since. Songs like “Mind went Blank” ( , “South-side” ( ) and many more inspired me. Nowadays I only listen to screwed music and rarely find mixes, so I mix them.

-what about your influences? any dances around when you were young? any reggae-bands, other producers and singers, elders?

—> I have listened to Rap and Reggae every day since I turned 8. I guess it’s the soundtrack to my life.


thanks to Ranking K.

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About toppa

King Toppa - Digital Dub Producer and Musician. i started my music with the irie ites soundsystem in the 90ies going on to produce dub and digital dancehall roots. I am part of the irie ites music label