Paloma Actresses Date Actors
62 TV Records 2003

Paris Sonic Jihad Guerilla Funk/Groove Attack 2003

Peel, John and Sheila The Pig's Big 78s - A Beginners Guide Trikont 2006

Persepolis Far From Home Roach Motel 2006

Petterson, Sofia Still Here Ajabu! 2006

Phillips, Grant-Lee Ladies' Love Oracle Cooking Vinyl/Indigo 2004

Pop Muzik Remixes Echo Beach 2009

Prophet, Chuck Age Of Miracles Blue Rose/Soulfood 2004

Prophet, Chuck Soap And Water Cooking Vinyl/Indigo 2007

Race, Hugo & True Spirit The Goldstreet Sessions Glitterhouse/Indigo 2003

Radio Tarifa Fiebre World Circuit 2003

Rekless Halt Dein Kind Hoch - CD-Single - 58Beats 2007

Roddy Radiation Skabilly Rebel Grover 2005

Rogie, S. E. Palm Wine Guitar Music Cooking Vinyl/Indigo 2002

Royce Da 5'9'' Built And Destroy Trouble Records/Groove Attack 2003

Ruggiero, Vic Something In My Blindspot Moanin' 2008

Salvatore Tempo Glitterhouse/Indigo 2003

Sanchez, Amparo Tucson-Habana Wrasse Records 2010

Sangare, Oumou Oumou World Circuit 2003

Savoy Grand People And What They Want Glitterhouse/Indigo 2005

Scott-Heron, Gil The Bottle (B: Roy Ayers) - 12'' - Black Beats 2004

Shirley & Co. Shame Shame Shame (A: Barbara Acklin) - 12'' - Black Beats 2003

Sixteen Horsepower Folklore Glitterhouse/Indigo 2002

Sofa Surfers Sofa Surfers Klein Records 2005

Solaa Steps In Time Sugarlicks 2006

Soulsearching - The Compost Radio Show 1 (V.A.) Compost Records 2005

South San Gabriel The Carlton Chronicles... Munich 2005

Spectre feat. Sensational Parts Unknown Quatermass/EFA 2002

Spectre Psychic Wars WordSound/EFA 2003

Spitfire Thrills And Kills Vielklang/Soulfood 2003

Stereo MCs Paradise Graffiti Records/PIAS 2005

Stereotyp Keepin' Me G-Stone 2006

Sugarhill Gang Sugerhill Gang Castle Records/Zomba 2002

Swinging Steaks Sunday Best Blue Rose Records 2003

Swollen Members Armed To The Teeth Suburbannoize Records 2010