Half Pint
Recollection Renate / Community 2000

Hallucinogen In Dub Twisted/EFA 2002

Hammond, Beres Can't Stop A Man VP/NTT/Indigo 2003

Hammond, Beres Love Has No Boundaries VP/NTT/Indigo 2004

Hammond, Beres A Moment in Time VP Records 2008

Harddiskaunt La Buena Y La Mala Onda Elmo 2006

Headcornerstone Stand Strong Soulfire Artists/Rough Trade 2004

Heptones Peace & Harmony. Anthology Trojan 2004

Hey-O-Hansen Sonn Und Mond Pingipung 2009

High Tone Acid Dub Nucleik Jarring Effects/Pias/Kubik 2002

High Tone Opus Incertum Jarring Effects/Pias/Kubik 2000

High Tone Wave Digger Jarring Effects 2005

Hilaire, Paul St. Unspecified False Tuned/Indigo 2003

Holt, John 1000 Volts Of Holt / Deluxe Edition Trojan/Zomba 2002

Honey Shop Screamers Going Out Dancing Do The Dog 2003

I-Fire Vom Schatten Ins Licht I-Fire Empire/Soulfood 2008

I-Fire Bigger, Better, Hotter I-Fire Empire/Soulfood 2010

If We Were Gods MessyLazyCrazy 3 Chord Pony 2008

Ijahman The Roots Of Love Tree Roots/EFA 2001

Improvisators Dub Live - Act - Outernational Vicious Circle (Frankreich) 2001

Improvisators Dub Super Vocal & Dub Session Viscious Circle 2002

Improvisators Dub meets Iration Steppas Inna Steppa Dub Hammerbass 2008

Intensified Doghouse Bass Grover/SPV 2004

Iration Steppas Dubz From Higher Regionz Dubhead/Indigo 2004

Irie Ites Link' Up Irie Ites Records 2003

Irie Miah In the fire Gemelo Records Münster 2000

Iriepathie Runde 3 Irievibrations Records/Groove Attack 2010

Irie Révoltés Voyage Skycap Records 2006

Isaacs, Gregory Warning Smugg/Zomba 2002

Isaacs, Gregory Here By Appointment Charm/Jet Star/EFA 2003

Isaacs, Gregory Live @ The Roxy - DVD Jet Star 2003

Isaacs, Gregory Open The Door RAS/Rough Trade 2004

Isaacs, Gregory Revenge P.O.T. Music/Soulfood 2004

Isaacs, Gregory Give It All Up Heartbeat Europe/Rough Trade 2004

Isaacs, Gregory Masterclass Greensleeves/Rough Trade 2004

Isaacs, Gregory Mi Name Gregory P.O.T. Music/Soulfood 2005

Israel Vibration Fighting Soldiers I-Sound/EFA 2002

Israel Vibration On The Strength Of Trinity Live 95 - CD & DVD Passage/EFA 2003

Israel Vibration Live & Jammin' - CD & DVD I -Sound/EFA 2003

I Wayne Lava Ground VP/Groove Attack 2005

I Wayne Book of Life VP/Groove Attack 2007

Jah Batta Argument Wackies/Indigo 1983/2004

Jahcoustix Kingstone Records/Groove Attack 2010

Jahcoustix and the Outsideplayers Modern Soul/Soulfood 2008

Jah Free Pillar Of Salt www.siodemki.com 2006

Jah'Licious Delayed Behaviour Sugarlicks 2005

Jah Love Strength for life 2011

Jah Mason Never Give Up Nocturne/Zomba 2003

Jah Shaka meets Fire House Crew Authentic Dubwise Blow/Zomba 2002

Jah Seal Itopia Irieland Music 2008

Jamaica All Stars Back To Zion Passage Prod./EFA 2003

Jamaica Papa Curvin Live - backed by KP-Crew Head Corner Music 2003

Jamaram Kalahassi Soulfire/Rough Trade 2004

Jamaram Jameleon GLM Music 2010

Jamaram In Dub Echo Beach 2011

Jamafrica Immigration 2009

Jaqee Kokoo Girl 2009

Jarrett, Wayne Showcase Vol. 1 Wackies/Indigo 2004

Johnson, Linton Kwesi Dread Beat An' Blood Front Line/EFA 1978/2000

Johnson, Marlene My Typ O Smoove Velocity Sounds 2008

Jondo, Martin Rainbow Warrior EP Homeground/Groove Attack 2005

Jondo, Martin Echo & Smoke Homeground 2006

Jondo, Martin Pure Four Music 2009

Jones, Khani Ancient Spirits RPH Productions 2003

Junior Kelly Smile VP Records/Indigo 2003

Junior Kelly & Sizzla Toe 2 Toe Vol. V Charm/Jet Star/EFA 2003

Junior Kelly Creation Penitentiary/Rough Trade 2004

Junior Reid Rasta Government JR Productions/EFA 2002

Jupiter & Ma Shi Fai Today & Tomorrow Jupiter & Ma Shi Fai Records 2011